We of Vacht Van Vilt are trying to be as good as possible to our earth, we do our best to create a company that is responsible and sustainable.

This is what we do:


  • For shipping we re-use cardboard boxes and recycled paper for your wrapping
  • All the paper we use is recycled, the packing for the products and the printed invoices
  • We only use green energy from our own solar panels, this way we are CO2 neutral
  • We bring the packages to the postoffice with a cargobike
  • Almost all our wool is organic (even the food for the sheep is organic!)
  • We only use organic and biodegradable soap (for felting and for washing)
  • We dont use any chemicals
  • Most of the forniture in our workspace is secondhand or selfmade of natural materials
  • No animals are harmed for the wool we work with, our main goal!
  • We only work with wool from local farmers
  • We use water from the ground if there is no need for using drinking water
  • We separate all our waste, and try to find solutions for less waste 
  • As a company, we think it is important to give something back to nature so we are saving part of our profits to be able to plant trees in the near future



And what do you do for our earth? Pleas let us know if you think we can do more for a better and greener world!