NEW This soft woolen blanket is layered by hand and felted, which makes it a solid blanket. Can also be used as a floor carpet

Available in other colors and sizes, please contact us for more info


Size: 160cm x 75cm / 63 x 29 inch (every blanket is handmade therefore, it may vary in size)

Material: 100% wool

€ 269,00

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  • delivery time: 2-30 workdays (depends on the country)1

On this page you find the luxurious handmade plaids made from 100% pure shaving wool, available in 6 natural, 3 super soft natural and 10 colored colors.

The plaids are finished with a felt-treatment, making them stronger and remain beautiful. Of course the plaids, like the leatherfree rugs, should be handled with care to maintain the quality of the luxurious material. Pilling is a natural result of friction and does not constitute a defect, all wool can pil with friction to some extent. The little woolen balls can be removed by simply cutting them off.

The sizes of the plaids are by approximation, but because every stitch and wool type is different, it's possible that the plaid is slightly larger or smaller than the specified size.


Each plaid, like the rugs, has it's own number, so each product is unique! Once you've ordered your plaid in the webshop, it is made especially for you! This is why the delivery time may be a bit longer. Of course, we always do our best to deliver our products as quickly as possible.

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