Well let me introduce myself, I am Manouk the founder of Vacht Van Vilt, together with my wife Anke we work on our company with great pleasure. We are two young artists with a big love for nature.


Both of us are always very concerned about the well-being of animals, nature and earth, we love the natural softness of wool, but the chemically treated leather sheepskins did not fit with our lifestyle and ideas , so we decided to design a new product, that is completely natural, handmade and no animals needed to be hurt for our products. 


It started with a sheeprug for our own house, without skin/leather, after a long proces of different techniques and designs, the first Vacht Van Vilt sheeprug was born! We were so passionate and determined to bring a new product into the world.

The raw wool we convert into beautiful unique design products, which are made entirely by hand, using natural soap and craftsmanship.

We received so many great reactions and orders that we decided to turn this dream into a company.


In 2015 we wanted to show the world that things can be different and so we started Vacht Van Vilt. 

The company has now grown into a worldwide webshop and wholesaler.


We work outside a lot in the natural surroundings, in our nice secluded private garden in the Netherlands.

In our studio we are constantly working on new ideas and designs. We have now expanded our range with hand-knitted throws, soft beanbags, big carpets and a Textile Collection, filled with items made of natural Linen, Cotton and Jute.

Check our shop for the whole collection!


The beauty is in the natural colours of the sheep's wool, these colours are only developed by nature, we emphasize this in our products.


Love Anke & Manouk



KVK nr: 63329085

BTW nr: NL001154878B12


Jan van de Boschkade 5, Loods 7 7941EN Meppel  (Let op, dit is géén bezoekadres)