Sheeprug Manual:


Wool is naturally self cleansing and doesn't keep smells or odours. Of course you can still wash the sheeprug, A leatherfree sheeprug is washable on cold wool wash, with special wool soap.


Make sure to treat your sheeprug with care while washing and allow the sheeprug to dry on a flat surface.


Our decorative leatherfree sheeprugs are made of 100% organic local wool in the Netherlands. In contrast to leather sheepskins, this rug is only made of wool and therefore the sheep is still alive!

It's normal for felted sheeprugs to have some hair loss, so don't worry about some loose hairs.


Where does our wool come from?

Every year, when all sheep are shorn in spring, we buy our wool from small local farmers. Because we always pick up the wool ourselves, we can see the shepherd and know for sure that the wool comes from sheep that have a good life! Unfortunately wool has increasingly, become a waste product; we would like to ensure that this wonderful sustainable product will not become waste.

We make our leather free rugs from the wool we pick up each year. The rugs are all handmade in the Netherlands and felted with organic olive soap. Because we make the rugs from shorn wool, you can make a rug each year. It is a sustainable and honest product. 


At the back of the rug there's a felted rag of carded (combed) wool. This makes the rug remains stuck firmly together. We put a thick cloth of wool on the shorn wool. Now the felting begins, which is a lot of work! With water, soap and movement the wool fibers attach themselves to each other. After felting, the rug is thoroughly washed. When de rug is dry and clean we put a nice stamp on it. Each rug has it's own number, and is unique!


We always do our best to offer a full assortment of rugs, and of course it's possible to make a rug in a particular colour or size.

So if you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to contact us!



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