The plaids and leatherfree sheeprugs of Vacht Van Vilt are handmade in Holland from 100% pure animalfriendly shaving wool.

About the plaids:

What makes our plaids so special is that they are all knitted by hand with unspun wool which has a diameter of about 3 centimeters! The plaids of colored wool are about 1-2 centimeters. So you can imagine that it's a huge plaid, yet so soft and fluffy. Also, the plaids are finished with a felt-treatment, making them stronger and help to remain beautiful.

Many plaids are made with Australian merino wool, a race that is held specifically for their wool. These sheep are not always treated well.

That is why we only work with wool from sheep that provide the natural grazing.


About the sheeprugs:

Every year all sheep are shorn, from small local farmers we buy organic animalfriendly wool.

Wool, unfortunately, over the last years increasingly became a waste product; we would like to ensure that this wonderful sustainable product will not become waste.
From the wool we picked up, we make our leather free rugs. Because we make the rugs from shorn wool, every year from each sheep you can make a rug.
It is a sustainable and honest product. And the best thing, all sheeps are still alive!

Now the felting begins, the rugs are all handmade and felted with a soft soap, which is a lot of work! With water, soap and movement the wool fibers attach themselves to each other.

After felting, the rug is thoroughly washed. When the rug is clean and dry we put our bright orange stamp on it.


In the webshop there are several different rugs, small, big, white, brown, gray, black, beige, woolly, curly and straight. All rugs have their own number, so each rug is unique and you get exactly the rug that you ordered.

We also make rugs custom-made, for example, it's possible to make a rug of 3 by 3 meters. On facebook and instagram you can take a look at how the process works.


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